Erica and Mikey's Beautiful Marriage Proposal on Laguna Beach

Image 1 of Erica and Mikey

How We Met

Mikey and I met through a mutual friend, his roommate was dating one of my coworkers. She showed me his Instagram page, told me a little about him and he honestly sounded pretty perfect already. Mikey was introduced to me the same way by his roommate. Neither of us wanted to rush anything, so we let a couple weeks go by until we first made contact. I was given his number and was SO nervous to make the first move! On my college graduation night, I decided to text him. Within the first few texts, our communication already felt so natural. We met about a week later and the butterflies were FLYING. Our conversation felt as if we had known each other for years, I was on cloud nine.

From then on, every time time we were together, there were sparks! A few sunset bike cruises, picnics on the beach and taco Tuesday dates later, we made it official May 21st, 2013.

how they asked

We were driving down Pacific Coast Hwy to our friends’ house for a BBQ in Laguna Beach. Mikey called the host letting him know we were on our way, however, he said he was finishing up on the golf course and would be home in 30 minutes. (Little did I know, there really wasn’t a BBQ and this phone call was all part of a master plan!)

Mikey and I then tossed a couple ideas around of what we could to do in the meantime and we decided to take photos on the beach. He had just bought a new camera for work and I was interested in learning how to use it. We parked the car and walked down a long wooden staircase down to Table Rock Beach. We walked out to a giant rock over the water and the waves were breaking at all angles.

I was sitting on the rock taking photos when Mikey then asks if he could sit next to me.

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I didn’t think anything of it, other than the fact that it was a silly question because of COURSE you can sit next to me! He then paused, looked at me and said: “A couple weeks ago, I had the most meaningful conversation of my life, and it was with your mom.” Cue the waterworks! Not only did he ask my mom for permission to marry me but before my eyes, the man of my dreams was proposing! He then got down on one knee and I was overwhelmed with feelings of love and happiness that I had never felt before.

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Yes, a million times, yes! Hugs and kisses later, Mikey then shared that our friends were on the beach taking photos of our engagement the whole time. We ran over to them to share our excitement and I thought, I can’t wait to share the news with our friends at the BBQ.

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As we were walking back up the hill to our car, Mikey and I decided to grab a celebratory drink at a restaurant called Coyote Grill before we went to our friends’ house. As we walked into the restaurant, Mikey took my hand, guided us through the restaurant and towards the back patio. As we were approaching the patio, I realized everyone from the BBQ was actually here! I was absolutely delighted to see our close friends and share our special day with them. Once we reached the patio, I turned the corner and cue the waterworks again! My best friends and the two most important people in my life, my mom and brother, were standing there with open arms.

Mikey went through so much time and effort to plan every little detail that became the best day of our lives. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a more beautiful proposal or a more beautiful person to spend the rest of my life with.

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