Natalie and Josh's Marriage Proposal on Federal Hill

I was under the impression that Josh was going to be out of town for the night, so my friend and photographer, Emily, suggested we take some portraits downtown and then do a girls dinner! What I didn’t know, is that for 2 weeks Josh had been planning with Emily to propose! He gave her a card that she was to give to me while we were on Federal Hill in Baltimore, overlooking the Inner Harbor. We parked on a side street and stopped to take pictures on the way up. We finally got to the front of Fed Hill, overlooking the water and she kept asking me to keep my back to her. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but I figured she had some vision for her photos. Apparently, she was checking her phone, waiting for Josh to give the go ahead! When she gave me the card, I was a little confused but as I kept reading I started to put it all together. When I looked up, I saw Josh coming towards me and thats when I knew what was going to happen. He gave me a hug, dropped to his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! Emily had hidden a mini bottle of champagne in her bag, which we toasted our new engagement with. Then, we walked around the city for the rest of the evening, while we called our friends and family to share the good news! Marriage Proposal on Federal Hill-06-25_0001Marriage Proposal on Federal Hill-06-25_0002 Marriage Proposal on Federal Hill-06-25_0003

Photos by Emily Jane Photography