Brandi and Daniel's Marriage Proposal on a Carnival Cruise

How We Met: Daniel and I met at a high schoolMarriage Proposal on a Carnival Cruise football game, we were sixteen. I remember thinking that he was incredibly funny and very handsome! We talked constantly and it wasn’t very long before we made it official. October 8, 2010.

I couldn’t have picked a better person to experience the most exciting parts of high school with. Two Proms and a Senior class trip later and we were walking the stage together, becoming graduates.

He is more than just a high school sweetheart, he is my lifetime sweetheart. When I look back it is hard to believe that almost five years later that boy I met at sixteen is the same funny and handsome guy, but also the man of my dreams and the man I am in love with.

how they asked: We had been planning a cruise since the beginning of 2014. It would be our first vacation together, just the two of us! After shopping a bit we decided on Catalina Island and Mexico.

We set sail on May 4, 2015. The first night was a little crazy but it was still fun! But the second night was formal dining and that was a night I was really excited for! It’s not often that we get to dress up and dine like royalty!

Before dinner we went down to get a drink and take a few pictures at the areas they set up. At our first photo spot, after about three pictures I heard the photographer ask if we were ready. I was a little confused because we had already been taking pictures! Well I was confused until I glance towards Daniel and see him put his hand in his right pocket and then him kneeling down onto one knee!


In that same moment I felt tears of surprise, excitement, happiness and love start to form and I couldn’t think straight! I remember him telling me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Marriage Proposal on a Carnival Cruise

I then heard him say the words. Will you marry me? In that moment we became sweeter than we ever were. (I was in such a haze though that I had to ask Daniel, the next day, if I said yes! Don’t worry, I did!)

Marriage Proposal on a Carnival Cruise

May 5, 2015 is a day I will forever remember and love!


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Here’s a picture of the rest of our amazing vacation!

Marriage Proposal on a Carnival Cruise

Daniel is my best friend, my safe place, and my true love. I can’t wait to marry him.

Photography: Carnival Cruises