Marriage Proposal at the New York City Marathon

marriage proposal at the new york city marathon25How we met: Dan and I met Nov 2011 at an MLB work party. On New Years Eve, I invited him to the Lower East Side and he immediately accepted!

Little did I know he left a party at his apartment (in New Jersey!) that he was hosting. He left the party in the trust of his friends, telling them he had to go see this girl. He said “trust me, and please lock up when you leave”…

The rest is history!!

how they asked: On Marathon Sunday he gathered his family, my family and friends to come cheer me on. He even spent the whole year secretly taking pictures of me making “Bitchy Resting Face” and made a life sized poster of my faces saying “No Time For (bitchy) Resting (face)” and schlept it all over NYC to meet me on the course.

marriage proposal at the new york city marathon78

He had everyone go to the restaurant to meet me after I crossed the finish line, but he met me at the finish exit.

He stopped and asked a NYPD cop to take a picture of us, then got down on one knee and asked me if this was already the best day of my life, and asked me if marrying him would make it better.

marriage proposal at the new york city marathon91

We then walked back the restaurant where everyone was waiting and cheering!!! My Valentine’s Day present was the entry fee, it’s only fitting that our engagement happened at the finish line!! Best Marathon EVER!

marriage proposal at the new york city marathonIMG_0410