Melissa and Nicholas' Proposal in the Middle of a Dallas Stars Game!

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How We Met

Nick and I technically met in the summer of 2012, when we both worked at Nordstrom. We worked in different departments, so other than a few glances here and there, and a random conversation during a lunch break, we never spoke to each other. I left that job a few months later, and just assumed I would never see him again. We never formally introduced ourselves, so I didn’t even know his name! Little did we know, that would all change a few years later!

Shortly after I left Nordstrom, I auditioned for the Dallas Stars Ice Girls. I made the team and I was happier then ever to be performing at every home game. Nick and his best friend Ryan are huge hockey fans, and one night when Nick was over at Ryan’s house, he noticed that Ryan had a picture on his mantle with two Ice Girls. Before every game, we walk the concourse at the AAC and take pictures with fans. Coincidentally, I was one of the girls in the photo with Ryan! Nick told Ryan he knew me, and would date me one day, and Ryan didn’t believe him! We still give Ryan grief all the time about his pose with the Ice Girls in this picture!

Image 2 of Melissa and NicholasThe picture Ryan had on his mantle with me, before Nick and I dated!

Fast forward to next season, around christmas of 2013. I was dancing at a game, and during intermission, we were taking a break to talk to fans and take pictures. Nick and Ryan had attended that game, and Nick decided that he was finally going to talk to me. He found where we were standing and walked right up to me and said, “Hey, aren’t you the girl who used to work at Nordstrom?” I will never forget the green suit he was wearing, it will always be my favorite!

His phone was dead, and we don’t have our phones with us when we perform, so he had to give me his business card and was sure that he lost his chance. He felt so corny! I wound up having to (embarrassingly) give his card to our director to hold on to since we still had to dance for a full period after that! Looking back at it now, so many chance meetings happened for Nick and I and I truly believe that we were put together at that game at the perfect moment. We had both just gotten out of relationships and ran into each other for the final time when the timing was right. Serendipity is real!

how they asked

I couldn’t have imagined this in my wildest dreams. Nick and I had been dating for two and a half years and we are inseparable! I’m performing in my fourth season as a Dallas Stars Ice Girl, and something Nick and I love doing together is watching hockey games and rooting for the Stars. The American Airlines Center will always be a special place for us since we re-connected at a game! On March 4, the Stars were playing the Devils, and I was in the middle of what i thought was working a normal game. The Ice Girls were doing a routine to Michael Jackson’s “PYT,” during the first intermission (or so I thought). During the performance, our music switched to “Cheerleader” by Omi, and I heard our captain Emma yell for us to keep going. I continued dancing, thinking it was just a music error. This happens sometimes, so all I was focused on is the beat of the music and making sure I didn’t mess up.

Then, the music switched AGAIN to “Brown Eyed Girl,” Nick and I’s song. I was really confused at this point, and although I kept dancing, I was looking around to try and figure out what was going on. I realized nobody else was dancing, so I stopped, pretty confused, and then saw Nick come onto the stage with us!!

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He walked out in the same green suit I met him in, got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said YES!!! We were both shaking so bad that we were giggling about it!

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Turns out all of the girls were in on it, and after I said yes and we all exited the stage, all of our friends and family were waiting for us! He had arranged for our family and friends to get tickets on the other side of the arena, so I wouldn’t see them before the big surprise! He had been planning this proposal with the entire production staff and our amazing directors (the ones that held on to his business card for me that first night!)

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He even went to a practice to rehearse with everyone, and my directors arranged for me to go on an appearance that night in order for me to skip rehearsal! ! Later on, Nick handed me a letter that he had written while he was waiting in the locker room before the proposal. My director told him that he wouldn’t have a lot of time to make a speech, and we most likely wouldn’t remember exact words, so if he wanted to say anything special he should write it down! He wrote me the most thoughtful letter, with the most romantic words, on the back of that nights game day schedule, and I’ll always have it to read over and over again. It was truly the best night of our lives and I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone who helped!

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