Sundari and Andy's Marriage Proposal in Rome

Marriage Proposal in RomeHow we met: We were actually introduced by my older brother’s childhood friend. He went on a ski holiday with Andy and thought that we’d hit it off – he couldn’t have been more right. I was then working for a London bridal designer & he in the city so after a few chats online we agreed to set up a date after work one day. We instantly hit it off and it was a little whirlwind from there. We went on another date a few days later and that was it, we knew this was going to be incredible. We then made sure every moment we could we spent together! Our relationship took many turns but he became the person I turned to for every tough & joyous moment in my life, he balanced me and made me feel safe.

how they asked:The proposal was all him. For me, I knew Andy was the one I’d marry early on in our relationship as I faced a really tough time with work, he was the one there in the middle of the night to make sure everything was alright. I knew a proposal was on the cards, after 2 years together, earlier in the year as he took me along to look at rings & get a feel for what I liked.

Working in the wedding industry I couldn’t help but think about it often & I had to really work hard at relaxing and letting go! Eventually I did and I couldn’t be more happy! When Andy began to organise a mini summer holiday for us, I didn’t think for one moment it’d be the time he’d ask me to marry him, I just wanted to have a lovely holiday!

On the 28th July early in the morning we caught a flight out to Italy to begin our Roman Holiday. I’d always dreamt abouthi-res-print-use-003visiting Rome and was quite excited! The entire trip was a surprise, from where we were staying to what we were doing. Andy, much to my surprise, has planned out all the details. We stayed in the most beautiful hotel right near Vatican and spent the first day taking the whole atmosphere in as well as the sunshine.

Andy’s parents were Classics teachers and had given us a long recommended list of places to go, one of which was their favourite place, Piazza Navona. So on Tuesday, we did some more visiting around and Andy told me he had organised us to visit the Opera in the evening! I got a little dolled up for some pre-drinks at the Piazza Navona as it was simply gorgeous. Without me knowing, Andy had organised Andrea Matone to capture us from a distance..

He followed us around whilst trying to find somewhere to have a drink and I have no idea how I didn’t realise.. Eventually Andy picked an empty table in a narrow road coming off of the Piazza for a couple of bellinis. I knew something was up when he got super fidgety but once the drinks arrived it began, with “Right, I’m going to do this”.

He spoke of how much he loved me, how much I meant to him & I went into utter shock! He got down on one knee and the rest is such a blurr! It was such a beautiful moment I am so grateful for it to be captured!

The moment he told me there was a photographer I couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief and even more so that he also had lined up an engagement shoot with him right after! for a whole 2-3 hours, it was just us in the entire world who knew our news.

Marriage Proposal in Rome

Marriage Proposal in Rome

Marriage Proposal in Rome

Proposal Ideas in Italy

Proposal Ideas in Italy


Proposal Ideas in Italy

Proposal Ideas in Italy





This proposal just showed me how much Andy knows me, he worked on something so special & momentous just for us to share. He even had my dear friend Gemma create the most beautiful calligraphy signs for us to use during the engagement shoot, I definitely sobbed more realising she & her husband had helped Andy sort these out.

Photographer: Andrea Matone  |  Calligraphy Signs: Gemma Milly