Melissa and Jeff's Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

1237147_10200687084636749_29895571_nHow We Met: Jeff and I met in college. I can still remember walking into my first party and seeing him from across the room. He was so handsome, outgoing, and all-around nicest guy. We hung out with the same group of friends since we played on the men’s and women’s tennis team at school, so we saw each other often. We would harmlessly flirt (he was/still is a huge flirt) from time to time but were only friends for the first few years of knowing each other.

It wasn’t until one fateful night in 2011 on our local college dive bar’s dance floor that we started dancing together and haven’t looked back since. That night wasn’t the clearest of them all but I do remember how sweet and funny Jeff was. He approached me when I was dancing with a friend and immediately made me laugh for the rest of the night. We joke now and say that he won me over with his “exceptional dance moves”. Lol. He drove me home that same night and I remember going into my friend’s room and telling her how my heart was beating out of my chest the entire ride home. To this day he still makes my heart beat that fast, almost 5 years later.

Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

how they asked:  This April Jeff and I took our 3rd trip together to Mexico. We were both so excited to get away and relax, especially after a bitter Chicago winter.

Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico-1

Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

The first night at the resort we both got sick. We weren’t sure if it was the flight, food, or just something we caught, but we were up all night. I unfortunately got the worst of it and was out of commission in the shade that entire second day. Since I still wasn’t feeling 100% that night we took it easy and decided to go for a walk on the beach. While on the way back I made a comment to Jeff that I wasn’t feeling great again and wanted to head back to our room. He then responded, “I think I have something that will make you feel better” and reached into his pocket. I immediately started crying. While the sun was on setting on the water, he pulled me in, hugged me, and told me that he loved me more than anyone in the world and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


He proceeded to put the beautiful ring he picked out on my finger and then kissed me. It was better than any fairytale and was a moment I will remember forever. He was absolutely correct that I no longer felt the slightest bit sick haha.


We went back to our hotel room and got to tell everyone our exciting news (even though he had this planned for some time, so most of our family and friends had already known). I was so surprised that he had asked (and received) for my grandpa’s approval and it made me cry hysterically when we video chatted with him. A few of my friends had no clue, so it was great to surprise them and share in the excitement. Since we got engaged the second day, we had the rest of the week to celebrate and had the best vacation. One that will be hard to beat!

Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Marriage Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico