Krissa and Kerry's Marriage Proposal in Paris

IMG_2848How we met: Kerry and I met in February, 2010. We were freshmen in college and, at the time, we were both seeing other people. We ran into each other a few times during that year but we didn’t become friends until December. It was then that we discovered that we shared the same major, the same religious and political views, similar plans for
the future and that we had grown up only an hour apart from each other.

We started dating in February, 2011, when we were sophomores in college. We took classes together, studied together, graduated together, and we were lucky enough to be able to go to law school together. In 2013, we moved four doors down from each other in a new city at a new school. After celebrating three years of being together and finishing our first year of law school, we decided to study abroad at Oxford together.

how they asked: We decided to make a side trip to Paris while we were studying at Oxford. We met my mom and three younger sisters in Paris and on Saturday we spent the day sightseeing. We spent most of the morning at the Louvre and we headed to Pont des Arts, the “Love Lock Bridge”, later that afternoon. The bridge is where couples and friends go to put a padlock on the bridge and throw the key into the river as a symbol of an unbreakable bond. I brought a lock from home to put on the bridge but Kerry insisted that we buy one there to have engraved. We bought the lock, had it engraved, and picked the perfect spot. The lock that we bought had three keys on it, and Kerry suggested that I throw one in, he throw one in, and the third we could throw together. I threw my key and he threw his and then he turned to me and said that he wanted to say some things before we threw the last key together. He told me that he would love me forever and promised to be my cornerstone. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. I had never felt so loved and I wanted to cherish that moment so  I just stood there in awe for what must’ve been a while because he laughed and asked “yes? no? maybe?” and of course I SAID YES :) IMG_2775