Tonie and Eric's Marriage Proposal in Hawaii

How we met: We met on a blind date set up by mutual friends who thought it was either going to be a total FLOP or just WORK….

Marriage Proposal in Hawaii

how they asked: Fast forward a bit of “dating” and during that time Eric had learned that in all my travels, living abroad and working for an airline, I had never made it to the ONE place I had dreamed of going my whole life. Hawaii. He actually booked this trip earlier than I realized and called my Dad to ask if it was ok if he took me with two friends and promised I would have my own room and place to stay! My Dad of course said yes… Little did I know that just a couple weeks later E would call my dad back and ask to “meet with him” before he took me to Hawaii. With this meeting between my Dad and Eric taking place just about 70 days after E and I had MET I can imagine E was nervous, but the chat with my dad went off without a hitch and of course my dad gave E his blessing to ask me to marry him in Hawaii, on a trip I had no idea I was about to go on. E woke me up BRIGHT and early at 3am wearing coconuts. a grass skirt and playing hula music in my room. I was startled, confused and thought he was throwing me a party downstairs for some crazy reason. It took a few min, but when I finally woke up enough he rushed me out the door to our very early flight!

Now, some people asked if at this point I knew he was going to propose… that could have not be FARTHER from my mind at all! I thought to myself “Oh my gosh THIS is why E has been acting so funny lately! He was trying to keep this a secret!” Going to Hawaii was the PERFECT distraction from my desire to speed up our dating process! After all, Eric and I had just a few weeks prior “agreed” that he was not going to rush things, he wanted to get to know me and enjoy dating me and maybe “after the new year we could come back to the discussion of getting engaged” He told me he wanted us to be on the same page from the start so that I knew he wanted to marry me, but that he didn’t want me to feel rushed… so I was TOTALLY and completely NOT thinking of him proposing in Hawaii!

He planned it down to every last detail, he had the friends we were with (pictured above) were totally on board to the point that he had Jenna, the wife of his best friend and now a friend of mine, convince me to get my nails done with her on the second day we were there, just because he knew I would want my hands to look nice if I was about to get engaged that night!

We scheduled to go out to dinner that night and got all dressed up for Eric’s birthday dinner. With reservations at the most gorgeous resort on the Island, we made our way to the Wailea and we walked around hand in hand and Kamran and Jenna were doing little video filming for us, which was not weird to me as they had been doing it the whole trip and I had been showing Jenna on and off, how to use my camera so that I could take photos of them at fun sights and they could take photos of us! Needless to say I did not know I was about to set up my OWN engagement photos. E wanted the sun to be setting when he proposed in a specific spot so we made our way down there and the boys began to stall to make sure the sun was just right! I was “setting up the photos for Jenna” with the boys in them so that I could get the camera settings right and then I would go over and join E to have her take some shots of us…. the rest is below!

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