Brooke and Kevin's Marriage Proposal in Gainesville

How we met: We met through mutual friends when I was in nursing school at UF. I was out with a few people from class and their significant others when Kevin walked up to our table. I quickly turned to one of my friends sitting next to me and told her how attractive I found him to be. Little did I know that her boyfriend was one of Kevin’s closest friends. She started to say how sarcastic and witty Kevin was…and quickly said how perfect we would be together.

We started flirting and throwing one-line stabs at each other, immediately realizing we had met our perfect match. From then on we became inseparable.


how they asked: I don’t know how he was able to keep a secret, but he did!

I don’t know how he kept it a secret, but he did!

I have always wanted to visit Devil’s Den, a spring in Williston, FL. After seeing pictures of all of my friends going and having a blast, I started to bug Kevin about taking me. After being pestered for a few days, he agreed to take me by the end of the month ! I was very excited. (Little did I know that he agreed so quickly because he knew it would be the perfect place to propose!)

Kevin mentioned that we should bring Brennan (my sister) along because she hasn’t experienced many things like that in Gainesville. Meanwhile, he had already contacted her. (Side note: this was perfect because now Kevin had a photographer to capture the proposal, which I always mentioned was important!).

A couple of days before our planned trip, Kevin told me about the botanical gardens that were associated with Devil’s Den. We are very big on experiencing the hidden gems in Gainesville. I was thrilled to learn he had set up a private tour with the owner. AND he suggested I wear something cute to take pictures in. Kevin HATES taking tons of pictures. I didn’t even question the fact he wanted to voluntarily take pictures, I was too surprised and didn’t want him to change his mind.

When we got to a waterfall, Kevin asked to take a picture by it.

My sister snapped the picture and I went to walk away, but Kevin pulled me back. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and say the sweetest things to me. I was in complete shock. I looked at my sister to make sure this was real life.

And through the biggest smile on my face I quickly said “YES”



Kevin was relieved that the suspense was finally over. We headed to the spring to take a dip in the cold water.

After we swam, Kevin suggested that we go by his parents house on the way home for something he needed. I called my family on the car ride there (my mom and dad both sounded very excited and happy). As soon as we pulled into the driveway at his parents, I saw my moms car. He had also arranged for my parents (from Tampa) to be waiting for us to celebrate!