Tiffany and Logan's Marriage Proposal in Destin

Marriage Proposal in Destin, Florida

How We Met

I’m always a little squeamish to tell people how Logan and I met, because we really met twice. One story is super cute, the other a makes me happy for technology. The first time was in Kindergarten in 1998. Logan and I shared the same Kindergarten class, and we remember each other from then. He claims I used to chase him around the playground (which I assert is totally not true). Little did we know that we’d be inviting our Kindergarten teacher to our wedding almost 18 years later.

The second time we met was on Facebook in 2012. I remember going through all of the people that Facebook was telling me I knew and suggesting I add as a friend.  It was my first semester in college and I had reconnected with quite a few old faces from my earlier school years. That’s when I stumbled upon Logan and I thought, Yeah I remember him… I sent the friend request, he accepted, and all was quiet for a while.

Come the end of the semester, December 2012 and I was so excited for The Hobbit to come out. I was going to go to the premier at midnight but I had an 8:00 a.m. French final the next day and I happen to value my sleep before major tests. So I was already thinking in my head about going that weekend, except all my friends went without me already. I was looking at my Facebook Saturday morning and just scrolling along and I saw Logan pop up. I don’t remember what he posted, although he was known for posting quippy statuses about school, and I thought I’d just send a message and say Hi, or something to that effect.

Now Logan claims he was sitting at Dairy Queen with his two best friends (who are brothers and were both in our wedding) and their dad (who married us) and was just about to send me a Facebook message when I popped up on his phone. Because Facebook is creepy I actually went back and checked: he was indeed at Dairy Queen when he replied to my message. Anyways: small talk exchanged a few times, we started texting “because it’s easier” and then I delivered my famous line:

I really want to go see The Hobbit, but I have no one to go with.

Logan graciously offered to go with me. I was running a little late from plans I had with my parents so we met at the theater, and I was surprised he bought my ticket. We rushed into the theatre and chatted a little bit. Afterwards, he hugged me and I had some serious butterflies flying around in my stomach. Logan asked me what I was doing over winter break, I told him I was hopefully hanging out with him. The rest is history!

how they asked

Fast forward two and half years later: My family was taking a trip to Destin, Florida for the second year in a row. My best friend is actually a wedding photographer and she was going to be in Destin the weekend that we arrived, as she was photographing a Destination wedding (get it?). We made plans to go out to dinner with her and her friend she brought along as soon as we realized we would be there at the same time. About a week before our vacay, Kimberly texted me asking if she could shoot Logan and me so she would have some more beach photos to add to her portfolio. I told her I was down and that I would have to convince Logan to do it. When I asked Logan, he moped and asked if he was going to have to wear nice clothes and acted like he usually does at the thought of being forced to smile and act like he likes me.

Then Logan asked me if I would like to go out to dinner with him one night while we were on vacation. Not the whole family, just US for a romantic dinner. I was dying for Logan to propose. Logan and I had talked about getting married since we had been dating for six months. We knew we were meant to be together. He had ample opportunities to propose, including our trip to Destin the previous year when I was convinced he would get down on one knee. I was waiting in agony. I figured that dinner was it. So I told Kimberly and we went shopping for a dress for me to wear. I figured I’d get something cute to wear for the photos and for the dinner. I ended find a gorgeous dress in my favorite color blue and I even found a breezy, matching shirt for Logan.

The evening we were going to be shooting with Kimberly was the evening we would be arriving in Destin after a 14 hour drive. Even though I was exhausted and I didn’t feel like I looked my cutest, I was so excited to see her and hang out with her. Kimberly and Sammy met us at the condo as soon as we were ready and we drove to the beach. Kimberly, her camera, Logan and I went down to the end where there were no people and Sammy went to go play Frisbee or catch fish or something like that. It was windy and I was little irked that the wind was making my hair all over the place and that I had to keep holding my dress down, but she assured me that the pictures were good. Logan and I were ordered to kiss, touch belly buttons, stand this way and stand that way.

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Finally she hollered from about 30 feet away “That’s a wrap!” Logan gave me a look and said, “Let’s take one more.” He pulled a black box from his waistband and dropped to his knee. The tears started flooding my eyes and I was so shocked as he asked, “Will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposal in Destin, Florida

Marriage Proposal in Destin, Florida

Marriage Proposal Idea in Destin, Florida

I think a “Yes” choked out somewhere and we were hugging and kissing all while Kimberly snapped away. Logan told me afterwards that he was kind of worried and freaked out I was crying.  After the swell of emotions ebbed enough for me to stop crying, Kimberly said there was a spot ready for us on the other end of the beach.

When we arrived there, a blanket and some pillows were laid out for us to enjoy some champagne and reminisce in the moment. Logan and I snapped a few pics of the ring on our phones and let our families know that I SAID YES!

Come to find out, when I told Logan that Kimberly was going to be in Destin when we were, he texted her to ask if she would takes pictures and be a part of the proposal. They picked out the code phrases for when it was time, and they pulled off the perfect suprise. She even blogged about it from her point of view on her photography website. Kimberly was one of my Maids of Honor and I loved that she was to be a part of that moment.

Special Thanks

Kimberly Hicks
Kimberly Paige Photography