Charlene and Samuel's Marriage Proposal in Cinque Terre

How We Met:We met through common friends at a Pirate Boat Party!

Then Sam added me on Facebook and we chatted for a while. We then went out with common friends and ended up dancing the night away in a club. This was followed by watching sunrise on the Mdina Bastions. It was truly an unforgettable evening! From that moment we knew that we had a very special connection as we really got on well with each other.

how they asked: We planned to go away on holiday for a week to break away from the usual work life in Malta. We decided to go to somewhere different and Samuel, my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) came up with the fantastic idea to go to Cinque Terre. We stayed in this amazing apartment which was all to ourselves. It was overlooking the sea and we could see beautiful sunsets there!

Marriage Proposal in Cinque Terre

On one of days, my boyfriend told me that he has a surprise for me- he told me that we are going to meet someone and that we are going to do something together just us three. Being the fun person that he is, he told me to guess what we are going to do together. I could not imagine what sort of surprise this was! I was thinking if this could be a dancing lesson, or maybe a cooking lesson! But no…and my boyfriend would not give in into telling me. Before going out we drank a glass of wine and headed off on a train to one of the Cinque Terre, Vernazza.

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Upon arrival there we waited for a few minutes to meet his person and I still had no idea about what was going to happen. I remember that my curiosity was going to eat me alive!

Suddenly, this bubbly and pretty lady comes with a huge bag on her bag. She greets me with my name in a sweet Italian accent and hugs me. At the time I thought- wow this person seems sweet and very friendly! The pretty lady introduced herself as Beatrice, a rapportage photographer. Samuel and Beatrice told me that we are going to do a photoshoot. Beatrice asked us to just walk around Vernazza and not to pay any attention to her. I remember feeling like a tourist/VIP and I just went along with it given that no one in Vernazza knew who we were!

Vernazza was beautiful. We went around this picturesque village and just had fun while Beatrice was almost nowhere to be seen yet shooting our images. We even sat by the sea and took an ice-cream. It was very fun and unwinding.

When it was nearly sunset, Beatrice recommended that we sit on this rock overlooking the sea because the light there was perfect for photographs. We obeyed her instructions and thenSam held my hand and started to read a poem he wrote for me. This was a very emotional moment yet I still had no idea about what was coming. I remember feeling very special and grateful to have such a wonderful partner by my side!
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After the poem I thought that it was time for us to move on to something else as Bea had surely taken enough photos of us on the rock. As I went up, Sam stayed down and he continued to hold my hand. He then went down on one knee and asked me one of the most important questions ever…”Charlene, will you marry me?”. I was exhilarated and I could not believe that the moment had come! I could barely speak with happiness but I managed to utter a happy YES. This was followed by kisses and hugs, and of course tears!

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We now have our own proposal story which the lovely Beatrice managed to capture through her creative lens!

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Photos by Beatrice Moricci