Erica and Justin's Marriage Proposal in Cabo San Lucas

How We Met

Justin and I went to high school together. The first three years, we were “just friends”.. Even though everyone knew he liked me, and secretly I liked him too. It wasn’t until senior year that I decided to give it a try, because (and this is awful) I knew that if it ended badly we wouldn’t be going to school together so it wouldn’t be as hard on us. We officially started dating on November 16, 2011. And if I could go back and do it again, the only thing I would do differently would be that I would have told him of my feelings sooner.

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how they asked

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We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my 21st birthday. Although we were with his family, he had planned something “special” for the two of us for my birthday night. Keep in mind, I never expected him to propose! He took me on this beautiful sailboat sunset cruise that went around Lover’s Beach and the Cabo Arch. When we came around the arch, he handed my phone to a girl who was also on the boat, and asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking our picture. So we got up and went to go stand together for a picture, when he turned around and asked for everybody’s attention. “This is Erica, and I love her to death. She’s my best friend, and I can’t imagine my life without her…” After that everything he said is just a blur. He turned to me, pulled this box out of his pocket, and got down on one knee, and asked me to be his forever.

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