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Winter Proposal Ideas

Winter is the coldest time of the year, which makes it perfect for snuggling and romantic nights with the one you love. From comfy sweaters to hot drinks, everything about the winter feels like one big hug!

If you’re all about the cold weather romance, we’ve got the best tips for making the most of a winter proposal. Pop the question in a way you’ll both remember, make sure you have pictures, and check out some of our favorite winter proposal stories for more ideas.

Winter Proposals

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proposal tips

  1. Prepare for snow! Whether it’s a mild flurry or a full snowstorm, bundle up and embrace your romantic snowy proposal. If hail is a possibility, though, you should probably reschedule.
  2. Include your favorite parts of winter in your proposal plan! Have some hot chocolate prepared for celebrating, go ice-skating, or include some romantic holiday lights in your proposal setting.
  3. Bundle up and stay warm for your proposal, especially if it’s outdoors. Get your girl a nice new sweater, some boots, and maybe a cute scarf for some extra comfort!
  1. If you know it’s going to snow around the time you want to propose, try to pop the question at the beginning of the snowfall. That way, the snow will be fresh and clean enough to look good in pictures.
  2. Consider having your photographer hide from a distance to help keep the surprise! As long as you know where they’re hiding and where to stand, it’s a great way to make the proposal feel more intimate.
  3. Keep your loved ones involved by including them in the proposal plan, or plan a surprise engagement party with everyone!