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Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Looking for a way to make the most romantic day of the year even more romantic? Give your partner an engagement ring this Valentine’s Day. You will be able to set up a romantic atmosphere without her getting suspicious that you might propose, and your options are limitless. Buy her roses, take advantage of Valentine’s Day specials at restaurants, and spend the day showering her with love and romance. Be sure to tell her all the reasons that you love her and how happy you are to be spending such a love-filled holiday with her.

Valentine's Day Proposals

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tips for planning

  1. Valentine's Day tends to be chilly so make sure you bring a jacket for your sweetheart if your proposal surprise includes time outside that she isn't prepared for.
  2. Book your photographer far in advance. Between couples photoshoots, proposals, and their own romantic plans, photographers are very busy around Valentine's Day.
  1. Valentine's Day is a great guise for getting your girl dressed up and looking her best. If you tell her you want to pamper her as your gift to her, she's less likely to be suspicious if you send her to get her nails or hair done or choose to buy her a new outfit for your big proposal.
  2. Want to include her friends/family in the big moment? Suggest that you go on a double/group date this Valentine's Day. Invite her parents, friends, anyone she'd want there for the big the day.