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Utah Marriage Proposal Ideas

Utah is known for the expansive desert and mountains which make for beautiful backdrops for hiking and snow sports proposals alike.  Aside from the Great Salt Lake, Park City, Temple Square and the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah couples have great appreciation for the sentimental aspects of the proposal.  Including places that mean something to you as a couple, photos, scrapbooks, letters, or other personal mementos are always a great way to personalize your proposal!  Be sure to scroll down for some great Utah marriage proposal ideas!

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Proposal Tips

  1. From the moment you know when you want to propose, you should check the average weather for that time of the year. When it gets closer to the date, keep checking for any weather mishaps that may require postponing your proposal.
  2. Try to find photographers who specialize or have experience in proposal pictures. You don’t want to miss the most important picture as you get down on one knee! Then, consult with your photographer about your proposal plan and book a session in advance.
  3. Make sure your love feels and looks her best for the big day! Have a friend take her to get her nails done, plan a surprise new outfit for her, and make an excuse for her to dress up without revealing your plan.
  1. Schedule your outdoor proposal during the "golden hour," when the sun has just risen or is about to set. The warm, reddish glow will provide beautiful natural light for your photos. Ask your photographer to capture some engagement photos as well.
  2. The best way to maintain the surprise of the proposal is by planning around dates when she would never expect a ring. But if you have the opportunity to propose on an anniversary or during a particularly romantic vacation, go for it.
  3. Including family and friends in your proposal is instant romance. It’s so thoughtful, and having loved ones around will make the big moment even more meaningful and memorable!