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Texas Marriage Proposal Ideas

You know what they say, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas!” and Texas proposals are no different. Big cities, wide open spaces – they all make for perfect places to pop the question.  Dallas, Houston and Austin are all full of high-rise rooftops that offer spectacular views of the city below and the stars above.  In Dallas, the Nasher Sculpture Garden and the Arboretum offer a green, urban oasis of sorts.  If you and your fiancée love wine, or the beautiful landscape of wineries, look to the Texas Hill Country.  Further south in San Antonio, the River Walk is a great place to kayak, walk along, or dine al fresco.  Texas is full of possibilities when in comes to proposing, you can’t go wrong!  Be sure to scroll down for some great Texas marriage proposal ideas!

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Proposal Tips

  1. You should check the weather as far in advance as possible while setting a date for the proposal , but be prepared for unexpected changes. If your location is outside and it starts to rain, don’t freak out! After all, who doesn’t dream of being kissed in the rain? Just bring a change of clothes, rainboots, and a cute umbrella.
  2. Don't forget to capture your special moment in pictures! Choose your photographer wisely. Look through their portfolio, because your final pictures will likely reflect the style of their past photoshoots, and book in advance.
  3. Dress for warm weather, but check the weather as far in advance as possible. Texas weather can be clear as day one moment and pouring rain the next.
  1. Since Texas is pretty much always hot, the most comfortable times to propose will be in the early morning or late evening. These times are also great for lighting in pictures!
  2. Try not to spoil the surprise by telling anyone who might spill the beans. Of course you want to share with family and friends, but gossip can put a damper on your perfectly planned proposal if your lady finds out what you're up to!
  3. It's always important to include your loved ones in the proposal. You can have them present for the proposal, hiding in the background, or waiting elsewhere for an engagement party! Just make sure your family and friends are involved in your dream engagement.