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Sunset Marriage Proposal Ideas

We all know the classic fairytale ending; the prince and the princess fall madly in love and ride away into the sunset. A perfect sunset is the epitome of romance, and it can be the perfect background to an unforgettable marriage proposal! To pull off the perfect sunset proposal, you really have to find the perfect location. Nothing would be worse than travelling to your dream location only to find that you can’t see the sunset! With just a few tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to your own fairytale sunset proposal idea. Be sure to scroll down to see all of our real sunset marriage proposal ideas!

Sunset Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. Whether you choose a chilly mountain or a sandy beach, keep the typical weather of your location in mind. Check the forecast as far in advance as possible to avoid rain or clouds.
  2. For the best pictures, choose a location without a lot on the horizon. Beaches and mountaintops are the best choices; crowded cities and forests are the worst. A clear horizon makes for a perfect sunset view!
  3. Everything about this is romantic, so your clothing should match that feeling! Wear something dreamy, flowy, and monochrome to complement the colorful sunset.
  1. Time the proposal just as the sun drops below the horizon for the best lighting. (Hint: Check your weather app for the exact sunset time!) This is also when the sky is most colorful, which will be perfect for pictures.
  2. Consider having your photographer hide from a distance to help keep the surprise! As long as you know where they’re hiding, it’s a great way to make the proposal even more exciting.
  3. Sunsets are the ultimate picture of a storybook ending, so you probably won’t want a crowd of people around during the actual proposal. Take some time afterward to call your loved ones, or even arrange a dinner celebration so everyone feels included!