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Summer Marriage Proposal Ideas

Beach bums, mountain climbers, and avid hikers all know the appeal of a hot summer day. It’s the perfect time to relax and have fun with loved ones, especially that special someone. If your favorite dates include fun in the sun or lazy days at the lake with a glass of cold sweet tea, this may be the perfect season for you to pop the big question!

There are so many opportunities for fun summer proposals, and you’re bound to find something to make your big day memorable! If you want the setting to be relaxed and intimate, try a morning trip to the beach or a walk in the park. For an exciting and unforgettable experience, consider an amusement park, a road trip, or a hike. No matter where or how you propose, just keep the summer season in mind with our tips below!

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Proposal Tips

  1. Depending on where you are, summer temperatures can be pleasantly warm or absolutely miserable. Check the weather a couple of weeks ahead of time, and make sure your perfect proposal won’t be ruined by rain or blistering heat!
  2. Since summer is a popular time for weddings and family photos, a lot of photographers book up quickly during summer months. Make sure to schedule your proposal photographer asap!
  3. Come up with a way to make sure your girlfriend looks and feels her best on the day of; nobody wants to be caught sweaty in loungewear for proposal photos! A cute beach outfit or sundress will be the best apparel options for a summer proposal.
  1. Summer is all about happy sunny days, so time the question around the sunrise or sunset for the most magical lighting.
  2. The best way to maintain the surprise of the proposal is to coordinate around dates when she would never expect a ring. However, if you have the opportunity to propose on a summer anniversary or during a particularly romantic vacation, go for it!
  3. Including loved ones is always important for a marriage proposal. Try to have friends and family waiting after the proposal for a surprise engagement party barbecue!