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Spring Marriage Proposal Ideas

Spring is the season of romance, and love is in the air! If you’ve caught Spring Fever, you probably want to use this perfect season to ask your love that big four-word question – “Will you marry me?” Between Valentine’s Day, cute picnics in the park, and flowers in full bloom all around, spring holds countless opportunities for your dream proposal. With a little planning and a lot of love, you’ll be one step closer to marrying your love. To make it easier, take notes from these seasonal tips and some of our favorite spring marriage proposal ideas!

Spring Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. Spring is a rainy season in most places. Either plan your proposal indoors, or keep a cute umbrella and rainboots on hand in case you’re caught kissing in the rain!
  2. Choose your photographer wisely. Look through their portfolio, because your final pictures will likely reflect the style of their past photoshoots.
  3. Spring apparel is already totally sweet and romantic, so you’ll want to play that up for your proposal. Think sundresses (if the weather permits), light dress shirts, or even fun colored rainboots!
  1. When the time comes to actually get down on one knee, you’ll know it, so don’t worry too much about how your timing will work out. Follow your instincts and let the romance flow.
  2. To keep the surprise, plan the proposal around dates she would never suspect! For example, if she thinks you’ll be out of town for any reason, that would be a perfect time to surprise her with a romantic date and her dream ring.
  3. Spring can be a difficult time to include everyone you love in the proposal. Unless you’re a student proposing over Spring Break, you may have to let your loved ones feel included through Skype, phone calls, and photos.