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Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposal Ideas

A thoughtful scavenger hunt is sure to make any proposal fun and memorable, and the more creative, the better. With a few clues hidden around in your favorite places, you can create the most sentimental and exciting day for your proposal. For a little extra surprise, include some friends and family at each location. When they finally reach the last clue, all of your loved ones will be there as you pop the question! And don’t forget to capture the moment: Flytographer is a trusted way to hire a local photographer who can snap your partner’s reaction and everyone else’s excitement (Psst: Our users get 20% off with code: HTA20OFF!).

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Scavenger Hunt Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. To avoid any major weather issues, try to keep all of your clues in the same town. This way, it’s easier to predict a forecast and your scavenger hunt won’t take too long.
  2. You’ll want pictures of every location as they figure out the clue or meet their next surprise guest. Either have a team of photographers with one hiding at each location, or have a single photographer tag along for the entire outing. (Not to worry: The Flytographer photographers are pros at staying discreet!)
  3. They’ll be waiting to see you the whole day, so look your best! Wear their favorite shirt of yours, or dress to coordinate with their outfit for pictures.
  1. Have someone with them as they go through the scavenger hunt to update you on their progress. This way, you’ll be ready and in position when they get to their final clue!
  2. The scavenger hunt will be a surprise in itself, but as they make it through the clues and get close to where you are, they’ll probably figure out what’s going on. For this type of proposal, part of the surprise is replaced with anticipation, which is just as romantic.
  3. You’ll definitely need help setting up the scavenger hunt, since you won’t be there as they solve each clue. Ask your closest friends and family to join in as guests at each clue!