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San Francisco Marriage Proposal Ideas

San Francisco is a great place to propose not only because of the Golden Gate Bridge and city views, but also because of the proximity to places like the Napa Valley. If the Golden Gate Bridge is the backdrop of your dream proposal, spots with a great view include Baker Beach, Fort Baker, Hawk Hill, Battery Spencer, and Fort Point. Other iconic landmarks for San Francisco proposals include the Palace of Fine Arts, Coit Tower, and the Japanese Tea Garden. If you’re interested in a winery proposal, look at those located in or near Napa, St. Helena, or Sonoma. Read on for tons of real San Francisco marriage proposal ideas!

San Francisco Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Tips for Planning

  1. During July and August especially, San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge, is often blanketed in a thick layer of fog.
  2. San Francisco tends to be cloudy or overcast with the occasional clear day. Don't worry though, overcast skies usually offer the best lighting for pictures!
  3. The city itself can be a bit chilly, especially in the summer months. However, in areas outside the city it warms up as the day goes on. Long story short, make sure she is dressed appropriately or has a jacket or blanket.
  1. If you're proposing in the summer months, think about waiting until the afternoon or evening to propose. By then the weather has usually warmed up and the fog has blown off.
  2. Make her think she is planning the trip or day's itinerary. By flexible with your timeline if you are set on proposing at a specific place, like the Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Think about having her friends or family bring you to the spot of the proposal. Maybe surprise her by being there. She will be so caught off by seeing you that she won't realize you are planning on proposing too.