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Proposal Ideas at Sandals Resorts

So you’re ready to plan the perfect wedding proposal for that special someone. Designed exclusively for two people in love, Sandals’ Luxury Included® Resorts are the most romantic places on the Earth, and provides an idyllic backdrop to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you envision a romantic beach proposal at sunset or see yourself popping the question with a freshly laid out rose petal pathway, Sandals Engagement Concierges are the experts in easy, stress-free proposals. Plus, the service is complimentary for Sandals guests! Just let them know the custom proposal idea you have in mind or inquire about their unique proposal ideas, and rest assured knowing that your dream proposal will go off without a hitch.

Proposals at Sandals

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Proposal Tips

  1. First and foremost, care for the ring while traveling. If you’re flying, take it on carry-on, just in case your luggage is lost. As long as it is not in your pocket as you walk through the metal detectors, you're fine and she'll never know.
  2. In the evenings, it can be breezy and cool near the water so have her pack a sweater just in case, you don't want her to be more focused on how cold she is than on you.
  1. Hiring a professional photographer is key. They understand the best lighting, how to avoid the glare of the water behind you, and how to position you so the sun isn't in your eyes for your engagement photos.
  2. No matter what, keep the proposal a surprise! Choosing a sentimental date such as an anniversary or holiday can add romance, but try to throw her off so it's less obvious.