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Private Marriage Proposal Ideas

The pressure of planning a perfectly incredible proposal can be daunting, but at the end of the day, the greatest romance is just the incredible love felt between two people. All you really need to make your marriage proposal perfect is the one you love and that special four-word question – “Will you marry me?” Private proposals are a great way to maintain intimacy as you pop the question without the pressure of an audience or the fear of an elaborate plan gone wrong. Plan a romantic weekend getaway just the two of you, have a picnic, or just propose one morning over the perfect cup of coffee. No matter what, your love will appreciate the privacy and sincerity of your marriage proposal. Read on to see some of our favorite private marriage proposal ideas!

Private Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. You should check the weather as far in advance as possible while setting a date for the proposal , but be prepared for unexpected changes. If your location is outside and it starts to rain, don’t freak out! After all, who doesn’t dream of being kissed in the rain? Just bring a change of clothes, rainboots, and a cute umbrella.
  2. Just because your proposal will be private doesn't mean you won't want pictures of the big moment! Ideally, you should coordinate with a professional photographer who has experience in intimate surprise proposals. They should hide far enough away that they won't ruin the surprise, but close enough for the best quality pictures. If a photographer is unavailable, just set up a camera nearby and start recording before you get down on one knee.
  3. One of the best things about a private proposal is that you can dress in whatever makes you most comfortable. For a romantic and special night out at a private dinner, dress up like movie stars and make sure her nails are done! But a comfortable night in or a walk in the park is just as romantic as a fancy dinner, and all that matters is the intimacy of your proposal setting.
  1. In proposals, as with all surprises, timing is everything. But this is your relationship, and when it’s the exact right time to kneel down and ask that unforgettable question, you’ll know it. Trust your instinct, and don’t stress!
  2. Everyone wants his or her proposal to be a surprise. That’s part of what makes the event so exciting! Don’t share your plans with anyone who might ruin the surprise of your proposal, and don't let her see the photographer if you have one hiding. Plan for a date she would never expect a ring, but if you think she would appreciate the sentimentality of an anniversary or favorite holiday, go for it!
  3. Even in a private proposal, you should still include loved ones. Tell them your plans ahead of time and either arrange a surprise engagement party nearby, or call all of your friends and family before posting about your engagement on social media.