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Photoshoot Marriage Proposal Ideas

When you spend a lot of time planning a proposal, you want to make sure to remember every detail of the big day. Sure, you could set up a tripod and hope the self-timer on your phone catches the moment, but if you want the best pictures possible, a surprise photoshoot proposal is the way to go.

The best thing about a photoshoot proposal is that the photographers will usually work with your plan, and years later, you’ll have gorgeous photos to look back on. After you choose a photographer, set a date, and lock down your proposal plan, here are some things to consider and examples of amazing photoshoot marriage proposal ideas.

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Proposal Tips

  1. You should check the weather as far in advance as possible while setting a date for the photoshoot, but be prepared for unexpected changes. If your proposal location is outside and it starts to rain, just go with it!
  2. Choose your photographer wisely. Look through their portfolio, because your final pictures will likely reflect the style of their past photoshoots.
  3. Make sure your significant other knows you’re about to have pictures done, and he or she will dress accordingly. It’s a photoshoot, so dress to impress!
  1. Don’t rush to the proposal, but also don’t wait until the very end of your session. Go through some basic poses for a bit, and then get down on one knee. After the excitement, you can spend the rest of your shoot taking engagement pictures!
  2. The only downside of telling your girlfriend or boyfriend that you’ve scheduled a couples’ photoshoot is that it definitely looks suspicious. Make an excuse that would explain the need for professional photos, or pretend you’ve won a contest for the photoshoot to throw them off the trail.
  3. Photoshoot proposals aren’t exclusive to the rest of your loved ones! Some of the cutest proposals include large families or the couple’s children.