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Philadelphia Marriage Proposal Ideas

Philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love,” or as we prefer to call it, the city of proposals. Philly has a wide range of places you can propose to meet your needs. If you’re looking to incorporate historical elements into your proposal, there’s the Liberty Bell, Independence National Historical Park, or Independence Hall just to name a few.
Want greenspace as a backdrop to your proposal? Try proposing among the trees at the Morris Arboretum located at the University of Pennsylvania or among the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo. Philly has countless museums and art galleries if you are looking to propose indoors. And of course, there’s the LOVE statue in Love Park. Take a photo in front of it as a symbol of your love and then tell her all the reasons that you love her.

Philadelphia Marriage Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. To avoid crowds at landmarks and parks, propose during a weekday while people are at work. Lines and crowds can get very big on weekends.
  2. When choosing a Philadelphia photographer, check their portfolio for examples of their indoor and outdoor work. You may be planning to propose indoors, but you may want to go outside after and take some engagement photos.
  3. If you know she wants to be dressed up for her proposal but you're planning to propose somewhere she might not dress up for, tell her you're going out for a fancy dinner, that way she'll be looking her best when you make a pit stop at your proposal destination.
  1. Make sure to leave enough time to get around. If you're relying on the cities public transportation or know you'll have to wait in line somewhere. leave early to avoid rush hour and busy times.
  2. If you really want to surprise her, have her family or friends take a trip to Philadelphia but tell her you have work/plans and can't make it. She'll be so surprised when you show up out of nowhere to propose.
  3. Include mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers in the proposal. After all, it is the city of brotherly love, so the more people to share in on your love, the better.