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Personal Marriage Proposal Ideas

When it comes to proposing, women always say that the second their man gets down on one knee they get so overwhelmed with emotion they forget everything he said. To ensure that the memories of why you love her and want to marry her are captured forever, try incorporating a personal keepsake into your proposal. This way, in addition to a beautiful ring, she’ll have a memento to always look back on to remember your proposal.

Create a scrapbook for her with pictures from all of your big moments as a couple. Make sure to leave a blank page in the back for a photo of your proposal. Write her a love letter so she can always look back and reread why you love her. Make a video telling her all the reasons you want to marry her. Incorporate family and friends by having them in the video saying what they love about her and the two of you as a couple.

Personal Marriage Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. Find a way to incorporate a backpack or large bag into your plans for the day so she doesn't get suspicious when you are carrying a large scrapbook with you. You also want to make sure it's well covered so it doesn't get wet if it rains.
  2. If you're proposing using a scrapbook or letter, have your photographer take pictures of the item, and incorporate your engagement ring into these photos as well. Your photographer will know the best lighting and way to capture these images.
  3. Just because it's written down or said in a video, still be sure to tell her why you love her and want to marry her as you get down on one knee. It adds a special touch to your proposal to hear it said in person.
  1. If you create a video for her make sure to test it out wherever you're going to play it for her. You wouldn't want to get there and find out the file isn't compatible or you don't have the proper audio visual cord to show it.
  2. Be careful to not get caught working on your project. If you live together enlist a friend to help you or find somewhere you can work on the project. You don't want to have your scrapbook supplies all over when she comes early by surprise.
  3. Have her family send you all the reasons they love her to put in your scrapbook or have them write their own love letters. Proposals are about loving one another, and that includes each other's families.