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Pennsylvania Marriage Proposal Ideas

As one of the original colonies, Pennsylvania is full of American history.  It’s also home to many great places to propose!  Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the two major cities, there are tons of iconic parks, museums, fountains and bridges (Rocky steps or the Fountain at the Point anyone?) Regardless of if your looking for an urban or small town proposal, Pennsylvania is a great place to propose!  Be sure to scroll for some great Pennsylvania marriage proposal ideas!

Pennsylvania Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. You should check the weather as far in advance as possible while setting a date for the proposal, but be prepared for unexpected changes. If your location is outside and it starts to rain, don’t freak out! After all, who doesn’t dream of being kissed in the rain? Just bring a change of clothes, rainboots, and a cute umbrella.
  2. Always make sure to capture the proposal. Find a photographer/videographer (or both). Many are willing to travel if you are planning to propose in a small, remote location that doesn't have many local photographers. If cost is prohibitive, set up a tripod to take a photo of the two of you and "accidentally" hit record.
  3. Dress appropriately for your proposal location and season, but make sure you both look nice for photos. A great way to do this is to surprise them with a new outfit for your special date!
  1. The best times for outdoor lighting are early in the morning or just before sunset, so keep the location and time of day in mind while planning your proposal!
  2. Everyone wants his or her proposal to be a surprise. That’s part of what makes the event so exciting! Don’t share your plans with anyone who might ruin the surprise factor. Plan for a date she would never expect a ring, but if you think she would appreciate the sentimentality of an anniversary or favorite holiday, go for it!
  3. Consider bringing your family and closest friends for the proposal! If that’s not possible, just involve them over the phone or Skype. A surprise engagement party with loved ones is a great way to keep your actual proposal intimate while still involving the people you care about.