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Paris Marriage Proposal Ideas

Run a quick Google search of “proposing in…” and Paris is the first suggestion that comes up. Paris is, after all, the City of Love. When it comes to Paris proposal ideas, the Eiffel Tower is always an iconic spot – day or night! If you had your heart set on a love lock proposal, sadly, the Pont des Arts Bridge no longer allows for the famous padlocks. Don’t fret though, Paris has several other great places to propose.

Gorgeous places to propose in Paris include: Luxembourg Gardens, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, or even a cruise down the Seine! Read on for tips on proposing in Paris, finding proposal photographers, and even reading hundreds of real marriage proposals pulled off by other couples!

Paris Marriage Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. Most Paris proposal spots are outdoors. Keep in mind that some proposal spots are better suited for warmer weather (park proposals and those on or near the Seine).
  2. Day or night. Rain, snow, or shine. Paris is a beautiful place, make sure to have someone capture photos of your proposal. Keep in mind that there could be a language barrier if you plan on asking a stranger to snap some photos. If you choose to invest in a photographer, have them take some additional photos before or after the proposal so you have engagement photos in Paris too!
  3. Expect to be outside so dress appropriately for the time of year. You don't want her trying to foil your plan because she is too hot or cold and wants to hurry back inside.
  1. Want to propose at sunset? Or maybe during the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower? Make sure you know your timing and plan to be a little early so if you get delayed you won't miss it!
  2. Chances are if you have traveled to Paris, she will either be expecting a proposal or be completely blindsided. A good way to keep the element of surprise is to make her think she is planning most of the trip, that way she will think there's no way you are going to purpose since she has been the one doing all the planning.
  3. The good thing about proposing in a large city like Paris is there's so many strangers, it's really easy to hide loved ones nearby during the proposal. Since Paris can be far away, keep in mind how you can tie in technology to make her feel connected to her friends and family even if they aren't there.