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Oregon Marriage Proposal Ideas

When most people think of Oregon, they think of Portland. Although Portland has a variety of proposal spots, don’t discredit the vast coastline and nearby lush greener. No matter what type of couple you are, Oregon is sure to be an excellent spot to pop the question! Be sure to scroll for some great Oregon marriage proposal ideas!

Oregon Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. Always check the weather forecast as far in advance as possible. Plan for any possible weather issues, and don't get caught in the rain!
  2. Your proposal should be picture perfect, so don’t forget the pictures! A professional photographer will help you coordinate the best timing and locations for your proposal, and your photos will look as amazing as you feel when she says yes. Book your photographer in advance, and ask their opinion on how your proposal plan will look in pictures.
  3. Make sure your love looks and feels her best on the day of the proposal! Make an excuse for her to get all dolled up with a cute outfit and perfect hair and makeup. If she's not very girly, just be sure that she's comfortable and happy!
  1. Don’t rush to the proposal, but also don’t wait until the very end of your photography session. (Even if the photographer is hiding, your time is usually limited!) After the excitement, you can spend the rest of your shoot taking engagement pictures.
  2. The best way to maintain the surprise of the proposal is to coordinate around dates when she would never expect a ring. However, if you have the opportunity to propose on a special anniversary or during a particularly romantic vacation, go for it!
  3. Consider including your families and/or friends in the proposal! If that isn’t possible, or if you would prefer more privacy, make sure to propose in a location with cellphone service or Wi-Fi so that loved ones can still feel included.