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Ohio Marriage Proposal Ideas

Ohio is a great place for a proposal whether you love the water or would rather have your feet firmly planted on the ground.  Ohio is bordered to the north by Lake Erie and the south by the Ohio River. With several large cities, Ohio has it all whether that be athletics, art institutes, or maybe just a great restaurant.  Regardless of what you want your proposal to be, there is no doubt it can be done in Ohio! Scroll down to see a list of our favorite Ohio marriage proposal ideas!

Ohio Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. From the moment you know when you want to propose, you should check the average weather for that time of the year. When it gets closer to the date, keep checking for any weather mishaps that may require postponing your proposal.
  2. Ohio has some beautiful cities, but also gorgeous wooded areas. Ask your photographer where would be the best place to propose depending on your theme (outdoors, upscale, etc.) and they'll be able to help!
  3. Don’t forget that literally everyone you know will probably see these photos, so dress well! If your proposal will be outdoors, you can be a little more casual, but always dress to impress.
  1. Time the actual question just a few moments after she realizes what’s going on. This is a great way to get the most adorable shock pictures, and it makes her dream proposal feel even longer!
  2. No matter what, keep the proposal a surprise! Don’t let her know your plan, and think of an excuse if she starts asking questions.
  3. Including family and friends in your proposal is instant romance. It’s so thoughtful, and having loved ones around will make the big moment even more meaningful and memorable!