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Mexico Marriage Proposal Ideas

Mexico is the perfect proposal spot if you’re looking for warm sun, gorgeous beaches, or beautiful weather. Propose at a resort, on a boat, while on an adventure, whatever fits you as a couple. Mexico has wide variety of adventures available such as zip lining, whale watching, or at a show. If you’re a water baby try proposing after a jet skiing or flyboarding trip or while swimming with the dolphins.

With gorgeous bright blue water available at every beach, you can’t go wrong with a barefoot walk through the sand ending with a romantic dinner on the beach. If you’re a couple of foodies, then Mexico is a great location for your proposal (here’s some fun travel advice on Mexico too!). From seafood to spices to food trucks galore there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. After she says, “yes!” you can toast with some authentic tequila.

Mexico Marriage Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. When planning your Mexico proposal make note that May through September is the rainy season. If you're aiming for a beautiful beach proposal, try going January through May to ensure some warm weather.
  2. If you're coming from out of the country, try to set up a Skype call with your photographer to avoid a long distance phone call. You want to make sure you discuss your plan, you don't want the first time you speak to your photographer to be after your proposal has happened.
  3. It may get cool at night or breezy by the water so make sure to pack a couple light layers.
  1. Make sure she packs hair products or a hair straightener. It can get humid near the beach and she definitely won't want frizzy hair in her photos.
  2. Don't wrap your engagement ring box. Airport security may ask you to take it out and unwrap it. Rubber band a note around it saying Shhhh, engagement ring surprise. If you see security start to take it out, distract your girlfriend and see if she'll go to a nearby store to buy you a snack.
  3. Keep in mind the time difference depending on where you travel in Mexico. If you're planning to propose at a late dinner, it may be very late to call home after and share the news to your parents.