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Maryland Marriage Proposal Ideas

Whether you want an old-fashioned or modern proposal, Maryland has both to offer. Maryland is often referred to as “America in Minature” because the terrain incorporates mountains to farms to beaches. You can experience each season here with a snowy proposal in Patterson Park or an outdoor proposal with 10 possible lighthouses as the backdrop. The Baltimore National Aquarium can also be a romantic spot to have the first kiss with your fiance. You can’t go wrong with a proposal in Maryland!

Maryland Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. When you begin to plan your proposal, make sure the weather will be nice on the day you plan to pop the question. Maryland has a wide range of weather, so you have tons of seasonal options! Check the forecast as far in advance as possible, and plan your date accordingly. In case of sudden changes, plan for a backup location indoors.
  2. Don't forget to book your professional photographer ahead of time! You'll definitely both want pictures to remember your big day, and video footage is recommended. Look around the location you want to propose, check Facebook, and find someone who will capture your perfect proposal.
  3. Make sure your love feels and looks her best for the big day! Have a friend take her to get her nails done, plan a surprise new outfit for her, and make an excuse for her to dress up without revealing your plan.
  1. In proposals, as with all surprises, timing is everything. But this is your relationship, and when it’s the right time to kneel down and ask that unforgettable question, you’ll know it. Trust your instinct, and don’t stress too much about timing.
  2. If Maryland is your home state, keeping the surprise shouldn't be too hard. Just tell her you're going out on a romantic date or a weekend trip, and she'll never see the proposal coming!
  3. It's always important to include your loved ones in the proposal. You can have them present for the proposal, hiding in the background, or waiting elsewhere for an engagement party! Just make sure your family and friends are somehow involved in your dream engagement.