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London Marriage Proposal Ideas

Known for its many picturesque landmarks, London is a great place to propose if you’re looking to travel across the pond. Propose right outside an old-fashioned phone booth, on the River Thames, or in front of Big Ben if you want a classic London backdrop.

London is known for being very rainy. If you don’t want to risk the rain, there are plenty of great indoor locations that you can propose.  There are several museums and landmarks to choose from such as the Museum of London, Natural History Museum, and the British Library. If she loves to shop, proposing at Harrods, one of the world’s most iconic department stores.

You never know, your proposal may be so heartwarming and full of love, it finally causes the guards at Buckingham Palace to break a smile.

London Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Tips for Planning

  1. Bring big, colorful umbrellas with you. Bright umbrellas make for beautiful outdoor engagement photos in the rain.
  2. Since London is known to have many rainy days, make sure you check your photographer's portfolio for sunny and rainy photos and what poses they come up with for both types of weather.
  3. Depending on where you're going, there may be a lot of walking involved. Make sure that you both pack comfortable shoes as you're getting ready for your trip.
  1. Since London has many tourists, look into the high-traffic times where you're planning on proposing. If you want a more intimate setting, try going at an off-peak time.
  2. Let her plan the day and what she wants to do. She may suggest the location you're planning on proposing at and if not, mention it as somewhere you'd like to include during your day trip. She won't think you've planned this out since she got to pick most of the day.
  3. Flying family to a destination proposal may be too difficult or expensive to achieve. If you want to call them after your proposal, make sure to take the time difference into account. You don't want to propose be calling your family in the middle of the night to break the news.