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Las Vegas Marriage Proposal Ideas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – except for incredible marriage proposals, of course! Between the lights, entertainment, and excitement of the city, this is sure to be a proposal nobody will forget. Don’t gamble with your luck on this one, though. For a perfect proposal in the City of Lights, you’ll need to plan ahead. Take some of these tips, and check out our favorite Las Vegas proposal ideas for more inspiration!

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Proposal Tips

  1. Las Vegas is known for its dry heat. Don’t worry about the possibility of rain, but check the weather forecast, just in case!
  2. The great thing about proposing in such a busy city is that there are plenty of photographers! Look around, find a business you like, and book a photoshoot date asap.
  3. Vegas is warm pretty much year-round, so bring clothes that will keep you cool. Just tell your girl you’ll have a nice date one night, and embrace the glitzy Vegas atmosphere for your proposal attire!
  1. To get the most our of your Vegas proposal, wait until night to pop the question. The city lights against the night sky will look amazing in your pictures as you kneel down to propose.
  2. A surprise trip to Vegas is exciting, but don’t let it ruin the surprise of your proposal! Tell her the vacation is for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary to throw her off your trail.
  3. This might not work for everyone, but consider bringing family and friends on your trip. It’s a great way to make your proposal even more special by involving your loved ones!