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Kentucky Marriage Proposal Ideas

Known for the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky will give you an old-fashioned, country feel for your proposal. Louisville has some beautiful hidden gems including the Rivue Restaurant (this is considered to be the best and only rotating view of the city), 21C Museum Hotel, which just so happens to be the #1 hotel in the nation, horse and carriage rides, and the romantic Four Roses distillery. Whether you want a fall, pumpkin themed proposal or one under the fireworks at a bourbon festival, Kentucky is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable proposal.

Kentucky Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. You might think Kentucky is a hot state because of its southern stereotype, but it actually has pretty mild temperatures year-round! Check the forecast in advance, of course, but you should be able to dress comfortably for your proposal. Just plan ahead in case of rain!
  2. Don't forget to capture your special moment in pictures! Choose your photographer wisely. Look through their portfolio, because your final pictures will likely reflect the style of their past photoshoots, and book in advance.
  3. Keep in mind that literally everyone you know will probably see these photos, so dress well! If your proposal will be outdoors, you can be a little more casual, but always dress to impress. She'll probably want her nails done to complement that new ring, so ask one of her friends to take her out for a manicure!
  1. Time the actual question just a few moments after she realizes what’s going on. This is a great way to get the most adorable shock pictures, and it makes her dream proposal feel even longer.
  2. The best way to maintain the surprise of the proposal is by planning around dates when she would never expect a ring. But if you have the opportunity to propose on an anniversary or during a particularly romantic vacation, go for it.
  3. Always try to incorporate her friends and family in the proposal. After you pop the question, she'll definitely want to show off that new ring to her family, friends, and just about everyone she meets. Either involve your loved ones when you ask her to marry you or plan a surprise engagement party nearby!