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Italy Marriage Proposal Ideas

Food and art lovers rejoice, Italy has everything you need for a perfect proposal! From sculptures to classic art to famous architecture, there are infinite gorgeous places to propose. Get down on one knee in front of the world-renown Leaning Tower of Pisa, or on the water at the Amalfi Coast or Lake Como. Visit the Sistine chapel and Vatican City or Saint Mark’s Basilica if you are looking to visit a religious location.

Looking for a romantic evening? Take a gondola ride through Venice and propose to her as you travel down the river or make a wish at Trevi fountain then, as you get down on one knee, tell her you wished she’d be your wife. No matter where you propose, make sure to celebrate at a nice restaurant afterwards, you can’t miss out on the food in Italy.

Italy Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Tips for Planning

  1. If you plan to propose at a church or religious location, make sure she packs a modest outfit, many churches prefer your dress to cover your shoulders and knees.
  2. Schedule an engagement shoot while you're in Italy, you'll want to make sure you capture the gorgeous memories and scenery of your trip. Plus, you can always schedule a second engagement shoot when you're back home.
  3. Plan a fancy dinner for the middle/beginning of your trip. If you save it for the last night her proposal senses will be on high alert. If you propose at the beginning of the trip, you'll be able to take engagement photos all throughout Italy for the rest of your trip.
  1. Do some research as to when museums, restaurants, and other tourist spots are open. Many places tend to be closed on Mondays and you'd hate to show up to your proposal location only to find it closed.
  2. After your proposal surprise her by already having reservations at a nearby restaurant. You'd hate to get somewhere to celebrate your proposal, only to find an hour wait.
  3. Have her family plan the trip to Italy and suggest that she bring you. That way, she'll think she's going on a family trip and won't suspect you're going to propose.