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Iowa Marriage Proposal Ideas

Who wouldn’t want to have the sweetest day of their lives in the ice cream capital of the world, Le Mars, Iowa. Iowa is known for their golf courses, acres of farmland, the largest strawberry in the world, Des Moines Botancial Garden, and the Iowa State Fair (one of the largest/ best in the country). Iowa is the perfect place to see that new diamond ring shine. From a sports themed proposal or a starry night on the ferris wheel, Iowa will deliver a home-town, memorable scenery for your proposal.

Iowa Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. When you begin to plan your proposal, make sure the weather will be nice on the day you plan to pop the question. Check the forecast as far in advance as possible, and plan your date accordingly. In case of sudden changes, plan for a backup location indoors. If it's hot when you propose, go for a cute little ice cream date!
  2. Your proposal should be picture perfect, so don’t forget the pictures! A professional photographer will help you coordinate the best timing and locations for your proposal, and your photos will look as amazing as you feel when she says yes. Book your photographer in advance, and ask their opinion on how your proposal plan will look in pictures.
  3. Dress comfortably for your specific proposal location and season, but make sure you both look nice for photos. A great way to do this is to surprise them with a new outfit for your special date!
  1. A lot of people like to propose around meaningful dates, such as holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays. This is perfect proposal timing, especially if you can include any cute couple traditions you two might have. Iowa has plenty of farms, so consider proposing on a cute farm during harvest season!
  2. If you want her to really be surprised for the proposal, don't tell her any of your plans until the day of! Make an excuse to keep her schedule free, pack an outfit or two for her, and just say you have a special day planned.
  3. It's always important to include your loved ones in the proposal. You can have them present for the proposal, hiding in the background, or waiting elsewhere for an engagement party! Just make sure your family and friends are involved in your dream engagement.