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Holiday Marriage Proposal Ideas

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friends are together, and the best dates include hot chocolate and mistletoe. When Christmas music and jingle bells are all you can hear, you’ll realize that the only thing to make the holidays even more romantic is a perfect marriage proposal! We know there are a lot of things to plan in any proposal, and with the holidays come a lot of opportunities for romance. Take a look at some of our adorable holiday marriage proposal ideas, and keep the tips below in mind when planning your dream engagement!

Holiday Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. Be prepared for snow! If it does snow on the day of your proposal, don't be discouraged. Whether it’s a mild flurry or a full snowstorm, bundle up and embrace your romantic snowy proposal.
  2. Try to keep the holiday theme in your proposal pictures. Christmas trees and lights are classics, but you could also include anything that reminds you of the happy holiday season. Think ice skating, hot chocolate, and of course, mistletoe!
  3. You’ll want to stay warm for your proposal, especially if it’s outdoors. Get your girl a nice new sweater, some boots, and maybe a cute scarf for some extra comfort! If you want a Christmas morning proposal, either get some cute pajamas for pictures or plan a nice brunch date to dress up
  1. Choose the date for your proposal on a day that will be most meaningful. If you have a holiday anniversary, special traditions, or any noteworthy dates, that’s when you should get down on one knee. There’s no such thing as too much romance!
  2. Keeping the surprise for a holiday proposal shouldn’t be too hard. Any questions can be answered by simply telling her that it’s a gift or a surprise, and she’ll never see it coming! It's a simple solution, but it works.
  3. The holidays are the perfect time of year to involve family and friends in your proposal. Everyone will be together anyway, and having loved ones around will make the proposal excitement that much better!