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Hiking Marriage Proposal Ideas

Hiking is no longer just a great way to exercise, it’s also a great option when it comes to proposing. From great views to intimate settings, going on a hike with your partner can provide the perfect backdrop for one of the biggest moments of your life. Spend the afternoon walking the trails of your local park or go on a day long adventure up to a high peak with a great view.

Doing an activity together that you love is a great way to spend a romantic day. It shows you trust each other, enjoy spending time together, and when you reach your destination you can tell her what you love and value about her.

Hiking Proposals

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tips for planing

  1. Pack an umbrella if the forecast appears cloudy, but have a rain date in mind if the weather looks like it's heading south the day you planned to propose.
  2. Have a photographer waiting for you at the end of your hike. She'll think they're just another hiker taking in the scenes, until they start capturing photos of you.
  3. If you want to capture some stunning photos schedule your proposal around the golden hour, the time in photographer right after sunrise of right before sunset where the daylight is softer and provides better lighting for photographs.
  1. Carry a backpack. You don't want the ring to fall out of the pocket of your loose athletic shorts or be visible through your fitted running pants.
  2. Hiking proposals offer many ways to include loved ones. Have them arrive at the trail early and get to the end so they are waiting for you as a surprise when you reach the top, or have them waiting to congratulate you when you hike back down.
  3. Test the trail ahead of time. You don't want to hike it for the first time when you go to propose or you'll risk reaching the end only to be huffing and puffing and drenched in sweat. This way you'll know how to go, can tell your photographer the exact point to meet you, and have one less thing to be nervous about on your big day.