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Georgia Marriage Proposal Ideas

Make your marriage proposal as sweet as a peach when you pop the question in Georgia! Atlanta provides a big city backdrop, while still maintaining Georgia’s southern charm. Savannah’s Historic District will take you back in time to 1733 when the city was founded. Let Georgia’s old time roots lead the way as you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Georgia Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Proposal Tips

  1. With hot summers and mildly cool winters, Georgia's weather is pretty easy to predict. Check the average forecast of the month you plan to propose, and go from there!
  2. No matter what, get pictures of the proposal with a professional photographer/videographer or even just a friend there to capture your big moment. Also, consider proposing at a cute little peach orchard for the cutest Georgian proposal pictures!
  3. Embrace southern style for your proposal apparel! Get some cowboy boots, have her wear a nice sundress, and don't forget to bring a light jacket or umbrella in case of weather changes.
  1. After you've decided on a date for the proposal, plan a general timeline for the day of, but know that you can't plan everything. When the time comes to actually get down on one knee, you’ll know it, so don’t worry too much about how your timing will work out. Follow your instincts and let the romance flow.
  2. Everyone wants his or her proposal to be a surprise. That’s part of what makes the event so exciting! Don’t share your plans with anyone who might ruin the surprise factor. Plan for a date she would never expect a ring, but if you think she would appreciate the sentimentality of an anniversary or favorite holiday, go for it!
  3. Always do your best to include your loved ones in the proposal! For locals, it can be as simple as proposing in front of all your family and friends or planning a surprise engagement party nearby. If you're proposing on a vacation, you can bring your family and friends along or just include them in your planning process. No matter what, make sure your family and friends hear about your engagement first before posting it all over social media.