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Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Ideas

You’ve seen them, marveled at them, and secretly always wanted to be part of one. Flash mob proposals are a great way to make sure you have a proposal that is unique to you as a couple. And who knows, it may even go viral!

A flash mob makes your proposal completely customizable since there are several ways to incorporate different elements of your relationship. Have the flash mob set to “your song”, or if you’re looking to incorporate your friends and family, have them be your dancers or be there to hand your fiance-to-be roses or mementos of your relationship. Whether you’re in the flash mob from the moment it starts, or step out of the crowd and join in at the end, always make sure to finish it on one knee.

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tips for planning

  1. Have a back up plan - will your flash mob participants still be interested in dancing in the rain? If it snows do you have a place lined up to do it inside?
  2. Cost limiting you from hiring a photographer and videographer? Go with the videographer. You're going to want to relive this choreography over and over again (plus you can always take screen shots to capture the highlights of the flash mob).
  3. Make sure the story of where you're going matches up with your attire. If you are dressing in comfortable attire for the event, don't get your partner out of the house by saying you want to take her out to dinner. She'll be confused when you show up in a t-shirt and sneakers.
  1. The more people you know that are involved, the harder it is to keep the secret from your fiance-to-be. Remind the participants that all their hard work will pay off even more if the surprise is a secret.
  2. Flash mob proposals allow for a wide range of creativity and participation. For example, your dancers and participants can be hired professionals or trained amateurs, which is a great way to incorporate friends, family, and coworkers into the proposal.
  3. Make sure you know the meaning of the song you are using in your proposal. Sometimes the greatest hits have double meanings. Research your song and use one that is full of love or is special for the two of you.