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Fall Marriage Proposal Ideas

Many people choose fall as their favorite season, and it’s not hard to see why! The changing colors of the leaves and the moderate temperatures make everything a little bit happier. Plus there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner! Because of all these wonderful things, we’ve got endless fall marriage proposal ideas for you! Go to an apple orchard, take a hayride, and if you’re into football, propose at the big game! Just make sure you get it all on camera and know what you want to do by following our fall proposal tips below!

Fall Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. The crisp, cool weather of the fall rules out most chances of unexpected storms, but check ahead just in case! You don’t want your perfect proposal ruined by an unexpected weather problem.
  2. The changing colors of the leaves look amazing in photos. Propose outside near trees to really take advantage of this picturesque season. For extra fall festivity, include a few pumpkins in your setting!
  3. When we think fall, we think flannels, light sweaters, and scarves. Dress comfortably, but make sure to look nice for your photos. If you propose around a nice dinner date, you’ll both be well dressed for your proposal!
  1. While it may be tempting for some to propose on Halloween, that idea can become tacky quite easily. Do you really want to remember your big day wearing embarrassing costumes with silly decorations all around?
  2. No matter what anyone says, she wants to be surprised! Don’t tell anyone about your proposal plans if they might share the news with your fiancée-to-be.
  3. Try to include your closest family and friends in your proposal. Thanksgiving is a good time to have everyone together, but be careful not to spoil the surprise! If your loved ones live out of town and can’t make it, you can still share the excitement via phone and Skype.