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California Marriage Proposal Ideas

From Red Rock Canyon in the desert, to Yosemite in the mountains, the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, California is teeming with breathtaking spots to propose. With 840 miles of coastline, you’ll find magnificent cliffs and sandy beaches around every bend. Perhaps the drive along the California coast will provide you the perfect place to pop the question, or maybe it will just be the road to your final destination. Whether you’re looking for an intimate proposal while wine tasting in Napa or seeking a grand adventure while skiing in Lake Tahoe, The Golden State has something for everyone.

California Proposals

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Proposal Tips

  1. California is known for its beaches and warm weather, so use that to your advantage! Summer is the perfect season to propose in California, just plan ahead and always check the forecast for unexpected weather changes.
  2. Don't forget to book your professional photographer ahead of time! You'll definitely both want pictures to remember your big day, and video footage is recommended. Look around the location you want to propose, check Facebook, and find someone who will capture your perfect proposal.
  3. If you choose to propose in the summer, a sundress and beachy attire is perfect for a romantic Californian proposal. In the cooler months, opt for warmer clothing and a vineyard location.
  1. Try to plan a general idea of your proposal timeframe, but know that it will vary no matter what. You may know you want to ask the question within a certain half hour, but the exact moment when you get down on one knee can usually happen naturally.
  2. Everyone wants to be surprised by his or her proposal! Be careful not to share your plans with people who might spoil the surprise. For even more excitement, don't tell her any of your plans until the day of! Make an excuse to keep her schedule free, pack an outfit or two for her, and just say you have a special day planned.
  3. It's always important to include your loved ones in the proposal. You can have them present for the proposal, hiding in the background, or waiting elsewhere for an engagement party! Just make sure your family and friends are involved in your dream engagement.