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Boston Marriage Proposal Ideas

The historical city (and surrounding areas) of Boston have so many wonderful places for you to pop the question! Newport, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard are all a short drive for Boston where you can propose along the beautiful coastline. In the city of Boston, Boston Commons, Columbus Park, the Charles River, the streets of Beacon Hill, and the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area are all amazing spots to get down on one knee. NO matter where you go, Boston is so beautiful and calm, you’ll almost forget that it’s a city. Read on for tons of real Boston marriage proposal ideas!

Boston Marriage Proposals

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Tips for Planning

  1. Yes, Boston is cold and can get a lot of snow. It also gets pretty warm. And rains occasionally. Basically whatever type of proposal you are planning (if it is outside) will be dependent on the weather conditions. It is a recommended you have a back up plan or alternate date just in case!
  2. We have seen some amazing photography from Boston proposals, but what it ultimately comes down to is how well the person taking the photos knows how to operate the camera. If a friend is taking pictures, make sure you have a dry run so that you can make sure you will have awesome photos to look back on!
  3. Make sure you and her are dressed for the location you are going to. For example, it can get very cold and windy along the coast, and the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill are not conducive to heels
  1. Check seasonal schedules. Parks and landmarks in and around Boston may have varying hours as the colder months approach and the sun sets earlier.
  2. Tell her you are going to the city or going for a walk. Boston is a compact city so chances are she won't know exactly where you are going to end up until you get there.
  3. If she wants her family and friends involved in some way, think about surprising her after the proposal with them waiting at a nearby restaurant or secretly looking on near where the proposal is set to occur.