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Beach Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you or your sweetie are looking for a gorgeous backdrop for your proposal, look no further than proposing at a beach. The waves give a serene sound and the views are magnificent. Beach proposals allow you to travel to any beach around the world or to your local beach nearby.

No matter where you choose to do it, always make sure to capture as many pictures as possible. For the best possible photos, set up your proposal for the golden hour – right after sunrise or right before sunset. This provides the best natural lighting and therefore the best engagement shots. If an early morning proposal would set off a red flag, say you want to get up early and watch the sunrise. Tell her you’re going to take her to a nice brunch after so she knows she should get dressed up before you go out.

Beach Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Tips for Planning

  1. It will be breezy and cool near the water so have her pack a sweater just in case, you don't want her to be more focused on how cold she is than on you.
  2. Hiring a professional photographer is a must when proposing at the beach. They understand the best lighting, how to avoid the glare of the water behind you, and how to position you so the sun isn't in your eyes for your engagement photos.
  3. Make sure she doesn't wear heels when you go out. Heels and sand do not mix, especially if you're going to walk on the rocks or near the water. Encourage her to be comfortable and wear flats or include some in her purse in case you do a lot of walking.
  1. Don't forget to wear a watch or make sure your cellphone is charged so you always know what time it is. If you are planning to propose at a certain time for to get the best light for your photos, you want to make sure you aren't late!
  2. A great way to hide your photographer is to have them be on the beach taking pictures of the scenery. Tell your sweetie that you want to take a photo and ask the "stranger" on the beach if they can capture it for you.
  3. Many beaches are off of boardwalks. Position your friends and family up on the boardwalk or on a pier so they are removed from the proposal, but can still watch and take pictures of your private moment.