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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlanta

Looking for the best marriage proposal ideas in Atlanta? It’s a great city to do it in!

Atlanta has many beautiful parks to walk through or have a picnic at (hello, Piedmont Park!). If you’re looking to go hiking on your proposal Stone Mountain Park has a small mountain to climb that will leave you with breathtaking views at the top. If a park isn’t your ideal place for an outdoor proposal, head over to the SkyView Ferris Wheel. You’ll be able to take in the gorgeous views of Atlanta from 20 stories up!

If you’re looking to escape the outdoor heat, step inside to one of the great indoor proposal locations Atlanta has to offer. The Georgia Aquarium has plenty of proposal opportunities including gorgeous fish tank backdrops, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The Sun Dial restaurant is also a great option to give you the best of both worlds. This indoor restaurant is 73 stories high and rotates, giving you gorgeous views of the city while you eat a romantic meal.

See below for more Atlanta marriage proposal ideas (including real proposals, tips, and vendors to help you capture your big moment!)

Atlanta Marriage Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. Take heat and humidity into consideration when planning where to propose. If you are planning a summer proposal outside, it will most likely be very warm and you both will most likely be sweating.
  2. Kill two birds with one stone by hiring a photographer to shoot your proposal and then have the same photographer take your engagement photos directly after (or before)!
  3. Check the weather before you head out, chances are it will be very warm and extra layers won't be needed.
  1. With so many Atlanta proposal spots located outside, a fall proposal would give you the beautiful backdrop of the colorful foliage.
  2. A good way to "hide" a photographer, whether it be a professional or a friend, is to have a cover for why they are taking your picture and tell her so she is comfortable with the camera on her.
  3. Telling her you have another party to attend after the proposal is a great way to include friends and family and trick her into a surprise engagement party.