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Athletic Event Proposal Ideas

Imagine her running towards you. She’s just completed a marathon, 5k, or big game. You’re so proud of her that you can’t imagine not getting to spend the rest of your life with her. You start congratulating her, telling her how proud you are, and how much you love her. Next thing she knows you’re down on one knee and she’s forgotten all about that sparkly medal she just won because she’s too focused on the sparkly rock on her finger.

Athletic events are also a great place to propose if you’re the one participating in the event, or if you’re doing it together. Proposing after an event is definitely a way to catch her off guard with your proposal. She’ll think that you’ve been too busy training for that run or focused on the game to even think about proposing.

Athletic Event Proposal Ideas

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tips for planning

  1. Find out the weather protocol of the event you will be attending. Will there be a rain delay, will it get cancelled? Also, monitor your girlfriend's desire to go. Will she still want to run the race in the freezing cold or cheer you on from the sideline in the pouring rain? These are all factors to take into consideration when planning the big day.
  2. If you're the one participating, make sure you confirm a set time and location for your photographer to be at since you won't be able to text during the race to check up on their whereabouts.
  3. Don't carry the ring while you're running. You don't want to risk losing it or have it cause chafing, especially if you're running a marathon! Have a friend, family member, or your photographer positioned toward the end of the race to hand it off to you.
  1. Make sure you know how long it takes her to run so you know where to be positioned at what time and when you need to be at the finish line by (make sure to get there very early to secure a great spot)!
  2. Playing in a big game or running a race is a great way to hide your proposals nerves. She'll think you're just nervous about the event, and won't suspect it's because you plan to get down on one knee at the end!
  3. Athletic events are a great place to propose because chances are, your friends and family will already be there to cheer you on and she won't think that they're for your proposal.