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At Home Proposal Ideas

If you are the type of couple who likes to keep things private and intimate, then one of these at home proposal ideas could a great option. Proposing where you live allows you to get down on one knee in an environment that’s familiar to both of you. You’ll both be feeling relaxed and she’ll think it’s another day at home and won’t even see it coming.

So you know, getting down on one knee wherever you live does not just have to be a one-on-one moment for the two of you. You may choose to have a party or a small get-together of close family and friends at your apartment to be part of the proposal, think housewarming-party-turned-engagement-party. At home proposal ideas actually allows for a great deal of customization, so go big on the personal details.

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At Home Proposals

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tips for planning

  1. Don't worry that proposing at home means you won't be able to capture the moment on film. If you're proposing with no one around, set up a tripod to take a photo of you and your partner but "accidentally" hit record on the camera to capture the whole proposal.
  2. If you are capturing the proposal yourself, be sure to test your camera angles prior to the big moment. No one wants to watch a video with your heads cut off, you're going to want to capture her reaction.
  3. Having a party at your home? Designate specific friends and family members to photograph and videotape the moment. Sure everyone will whip out their phone as the moment happens, but you want to make sure someone is there with a legit camera as well. Want to go professional? Invite your "new friend from work" aka your photographer to your party.
  1. Keep time in mind when getting ready to propose. If you want to propose at home make sure it's not after a late night out where she just wants to go to bed, or when she's only home for a few hours before she has somewhere to be. You want to leave enough time to enjoy the moment and be able to celebrate after.
  2. Want to incorporate your family while still having an intimate moment? Have them waiting for you in another room at home (as long as they can keep quiet) or have your laptop secretly set up, Skyping the whole thing to your family.
  3. New home? Paint a wall with your favorite love quote and set up a romantic surprise for her (candles, roses, background music) on one of your "progress trips" pre-move-in .