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Alaska Proposal Ideas

Whether you’re visiting on an Alaskan cruise or call Alaska home all year round, an Alaskan proposal is sure to be picturesque. Home to dozens of public parks and hiking trails, and an array of wildlife, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty no matter where you go.

Whether you’re soaring above the glaciers in a helicopter, or exploring Denali National Park by foot, an Alaskan proposal is the perfect adventure to kickstart the greatest adventure yet, marriage!

Alaska Proposal Ideas

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Proposal Tips

  1. For a gorgeous snowy proposal year-round, Alaska is the perfect place! Some months are warmer than others, so research the average monthly temperatures before setting a date. Also, keep in mind that some areas of Alaska have months of darkness and months of light. Don't plan your trip during a month without sunlight!
  2. Play up the snowy Alaskan terrain in your photos! Start searching for a photographer very early, since Alaska has such a low population and so much ground. After finding a photographer you like, check to see if they'll travel for your specific location if necessary and book in advance.
  3. Bundle up and stay warm for your proposal! You should be comfortable but still picture perfect. A nice sweater, a coat, scarf, and boots are all great options for proposal attire.
  1. For the most amazing Alaskan proposal, try to time your proposal when and where you can easily see the romantic Northern Lights. Not only will the sight of the Aurora Borealis be completely unforgettable, but it will also make your Alaskan proposal photos even more amazing.
  2. Try not to spoil the surprise by telling anyone who might spill the beans. Of course you want to share with family and friends, but gossip can put a damper on your perfectly planned proposal if your lady finds out what you're up to!
  3. Consider bringing your family and closest friends for the proposal! If that’s not possible, just involve them over the phone or Skype. A surprise engagement party with loved ones is another great way to keep your actual proposal intimate while still involving the people you care about.